April 25, 2014

V Is for Violet

Violet spectrum
One of the oldest colors employed by man, the bluish purple color known as violet was used as early as in the prehistoric cave paintings in France. The Egyptians used mulberry juice to create violet paint, and the Gauls are reported to have used violet color made from crushed bilberry. 

April Love by Arthur Hughes
Courtesy of the Tate, London
via the Google Art Project

While the color has a rich history, and it is all wonderful that man has used this color to create art and to dye fabric, I prefer the abundance of violet found in fields and flower gardens. 

So today’s post is just a bunch of pretty flower pictures. Why? Because I like them.

Photo by Eveline Lippet


My favorite in my backyard garden was always the Iris. We had some terrific ones in Portland. They looked super elegant, but smelled like grape jelly.

We always planted Crocus, because when these popped up, spring wasn't far behind.


We also had Columbine in our Portland backyard garden. Some were "volunteers," others we planted.

Wild Sage

And many gorgeous violet flowers are found growing wild.

Like this gorgeous Wild Sage, a summer favorite.

Tri-color Viola
Photo by Jörg Hempel

And Violas. (Sometimes you have to get up close to see these.)


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  1. I love all the lovely violet flowers. The violet spectrum is nice, too. It makes me think quilting, for some reason. :-)

  2. Anything from lavender to deep purple rocks, so I enjoyed looking at your pictures. Love me some violas too.

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed them. They always remind me of a very happy time in our lives.