April 16, 2014


I love NASCAR!!

Sprint Cup, Nationwide, Trucks, ARCA, you name it. 

I am probably the last person anyone would guess to be a NASCAR fan. As a former dancer, I have lived a life surrounded by writers, dancers, actors, singers, musicians, artists — the usual artsy-fartsy set. Little did my friends know that I spent my childhood watching baseball, wrestling, and whatever auto racing was covered on the local L.A. television channels (including Figure 8 and Demolition Derby). As I grew up, though, the sports thing took a back seat to all the arts stuff.

Joey Logano, 2009
Photo by Jeff Speer
My interest in motor racing started back up in late 2008, My friend Jeff suggested that I try and get an interview with a young Italian-American driver — Joey Logano. While I knew the names of practically every dancer in San Francisco Ballet for the last three decades, I hadn't a clue about NASCAR drivers. But I needed a story for the magazine I was editing, so I contacted the appropriate public relations liaison who arranged for me to interview Logano at an appearance in Las Vegas.

When I schedule an interview, I research the heck out of the interviewee and their particular area of expertise. So, before this one, I watched my first entire NASCAR race — the 2009 Daytona 500. Good to start at the top. The ballet bunhead in me noticed that, like choreography, if someone misses a step, there can be crashes and mayhem. But in NASCAR, the drivers are dancing the steps at 200 mph. Pretty cool. And pretty scary.

By the time of our scheduled meeting, I had watched the first races of the year — Sprint Cup and Nationwide. The interview with Logano and his family went well. My friend Jeff got some great photos, and the issue with Joey Logano on the cover of the magazine was super popular.

And how is this going over in my other universe? Well, most of my friends are completely baffled, which, of course, is half the fun. My husband (a fiction writer and not much of a sports fan) just shakes his head and says, "I never know what she's going to do next." 

Sprint Cup Weekend, 2014
Photo Courtesy of Las Vegas Motor Speedway

I now participate in a NASCAR Fantasy League, usually finishing in the Top 10 of our group of 30+. Also, I have written for Skirts and Scuffs, an all-woman NASCAR-sanctioned website. But mostly, I just enjoy watching the races on the weekends.

Hopefully, I can some day get to Talladega and maybe Bristol. Because there is nothing like hearing the engines roar in person.


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