November 7, 2011

BBQ: San Francisco Style

   As with most of the residential districts in San Francisco, the Inner Richmond has multiple sub-neighborhoods. One of them, along Geary Boulevard, is a wide, heavily trafficked street populated by small businesses. Unattractive on its surface, it doesn't look like much of anything is going on from a food standpoint. It's a neighborhood that one usually just passes through.
   Like most people, my husband and I often travel by restaurants on the bus or in the car and say to one another, “That looks interesting. We should give it a try sometime.” And then we never do. Last week, however, we broke our dysfunctional pattern to try a place we have passed for over a year.
   It came about as I was cruising through the iDine website, looking for a member restaurant. (The best part of the program is that it encourages us to try restaurants we might never have noticed. Many have become our favorites.) Since I searched by my zip code, the program brought up restaurants close by our apartment. Right at the top of the list, was Roadside BBQ. Located on the corner of 2nd Avenue and Geary, this casual, small, and extraordinarily friendly restaurant is a welcome addition to the business-oriented area.