July 12, 2007

Eat This Now: Chocolate-Covered Raspberries at The Chocolate Swan

   All of us at one time or another have to ferry the relatives or visiting friends to the Strip.  Sometimes they even convince us to go with them.  Your reward for being a good host/daughter/friend is The Chocolate Swan. This little bastion of civility is set apart from the slot machines and casino noise on the Mall Level of Mandalay Place and is a great place to relax mid-schlep. The store carries the usual coffee menu and interesting desserts, but it excels at chocolate — especially the chocolate-covered raspberries. These are not just some pureed or chopped numbers, but a single piece of fresh, sweet-tart fruit covered in smooth, creamy chocolate. Definitely not a two-biter; just pop the whole thing in your mouth — unless you want to wear the raspberry juice — bite down and wait for the flavor explosion. Accompany this with a double espresso, and you might even forget where you are.

(NOTE: Sadly, The Chocolate Swan closed a while back.)
Originally published July 12, 2007, Las Vegas Weekly